"I am so thankful for the help and care that I received at this location. All of the therapists were patient, caring professionals. They took great care in showing me how to do what is necessary to help with my pain and to avoid future back pain & injury. - Sharron J. S."


Dr. Berliner is a a great neurologist. He helped me with my migraines and provides ongoing followups to ensure a successful outcome. He is very friendly and professional. His office staff is courteous and super helpful. - Shivan B


"If your looking for an exceptional experienced.. totally knowledgeable doctor...Dr Berliner is the sharpest knife in drawer.. Got the run around from my personal M.D. Dr Berliner took 1 look said you got shingles.. addressed it with medicine before it took over ..What a Guy .. - Timothy in Brooklyn, NY – Oct 09, 2017"

"Dr. M Kazmi is the Best!!! Him and I have known each other for over 10 years and he is the most caring detailed Doctor. - Aneisha Andrews-Lake"

"I definitely recommend this doctor. One of the most caring, knowledgeable physicians I have ever seen in my life. He is a great listener and really cares about every detail of your symptoms. I had a great experience being Dr Elyaderani's patient. - New York, NY – Apr 11, 2016"

"I have been under care of Dr. Gulati for 1 year. He is amazing physician who deeply cares about his patients, listens to every issue and responds in a suithing voice adressing every complaint in a very professional manner. He is treating my migraines with Botox with great success. He also diagnosed extremely rare neuriological condition which was causing extreme calf pain. While being under his care that pain became very managable. I would highly recommend Dr. Gulati to anyone. - Igor in Bronx, NY – Nov 24, 2018"

"Dr. Gulati was the doctor who finally was able to diagnose my father's deteriorating condition, a rare disease which landed him in a wheelchair with leg paralysis. He returns phone calls!!! He spends as much time answering questions as you need him to! He makes daily rounds to his patients in the hospital. He is everything a doctor is supposed to be. He is incredibly professional, and highly skilled in his specialty. My family owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. Gulati. - Keri DiLascio in Tarrytown, NY – May 19, 2016"

"After seeing 5 different doctors, I was giving up hope. Dr. Elyaderani was the first to take my pain seriously. Reassured me that it's not "old age" nor "all in my head." I am satisfied with our treatment plans. We come up with them together. He allows me to feel active in my success and treatment. He does not talk down to me. I appreciate his work and his staff. - 10.25.2018"

"I met Dr Kazmi after my husband suffered from a focal seizure. He was the Neurologist/ Psychiatrist ( on call) at St John's Riverside hospital. Not only was his exam and observation thorough, this was our third visit to a hospital for a seizing episode and we w greatly frustrated. Although my husband is not his patient, he assured us he would review all the medical records and recommendations after discharge. This time we move on with new hope. We will see him at his practice. - John Damien Garges - Jul 07, 2018"

"Great at treating my migraines. Also the first to suggest I had suffered a brain injury in an auto accident, and was correct. Always punctual. - Nov 24, 2017"

"He is the ONLY doctor that did not dismiss my symptoms as old age. He listened and ordered tests. Even if it was to rule out something, at least he didn't rush the visit and dismiss the symptoms the way 5 other doctors did. And his staff is friendly. They are busy, but NEVER rude. I also love the voicemail reminders. The office is well run and clean bathrooms, too. - October 24th, 2018"

"It was a true pleasure to visit a medical facility with such professionalism and expeditious service. This was my first at this facility or being seen by Dr. Kadkhodael Elyaderani however, he made it a wonderfully informative and fulfilling experience. -Siddiq A. Najee in Bronx, NY – Aug 07, 2018"