TMS is a cutting-edge treatment for major depression that is FDA approved and recommended by the APA for treating adult unipolar depression. Since TMS directly treats brain circuits associated with depression, it is more safe, effective, tolerable, fast acting, and longer lasting than conventional medications. TMS is not just an antidepressant. It is a novel treatment strategy for many brain conditions.

TMS is non-invasive – it is safe in populations where medications can be problematic, such as adolescent children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Given these attributes, we believe TMS should be an integral part of any mental health practice that seeks to offer top quality comprehensive treatment.

The TMS device generates focused magnetic pulses that can either activate (depolarize) or suppress (hyperpolarize) discrete brain regions resulting in self-sustained changes that normalize brain circuits associated with several psychiatric or neurological conditions.

Depression Severity Assesments

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)